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THE PHILIPPINE HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION: Double Six (66th) Years with Hospitals At the Forefront of Healthcare and Gearing Up ForGlobal Challenges

The Philippine Hospital Association (PHA) is currently on its 66th year.  Through the years, the pace has escalated with the emergence of ever-changing challenges. There is no looking back. There is no time to be complacent. In a blink of an eye, situations can change and lack of preparedness can be detrimental to the communities its member hospitals serve.

Through the years, PHA member-hospitals remained the government’s invaluable partners in providing hospital care and safe guarding the promotion of the well-being of Filipino citizens.

Its history is as remarkable as its many accomplishments - locally and internationally - in the health industry.

The Faces of the PHA: The PHA as Defined Under Its Presidents from Past to Present

On September 15, 1949, six physicians, including Dr. Miguel Caniza res, Dr. Tranquilino E. Elicaño Sr., Dr. Jose Y. Fores, Dr. Antonio Ko Nubla, Dr. Jose Reyes, and Dr. Basilio J. Valdez, put their minds together and founded the Philippine Hospital Association (PHA). It was later registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), with Dr. Basilio J. Valdez as its first president (1949-1955).

Dr. Vicente G. de Ocampo, became PHA president from 1956-1959 and then was succeeded by Dr. Guillermo del Castillo from 1960-1961. Under their leadership, PHA’s second decade of existence was marked by a remarkable growth in membership with the public or government sector taking more active participation in its activities.

Between 1962 and 1973 and under Dr. Elidoro D. Congco’s leadership, PHA gained organizational stability after the association acquired a national stature, placing it at par with leading professional organizations in healthcare industry.

Dr. Jose P. Caedo, Jr. (1974-1975) succeeded Dr. Congco and is best remembered as the youngest and first president elected as coming from the public or government sector. During his term, PHA was given wider recognition and acceptability in the international community of hospitals. He was elected as one of the directors of the Asian Hospital Federation (AHF) and subsequently, the first Filipino vice-president of the International Hospital Federation (IHF). Under him, the PHA celebrated its 25th (Silver) anniversary.

Dr. Caedo was then succeeded by Dr. Benjamin R. Roa, who was elected as PHA president twice, the first from 1976-1977, and again from 1980-1982. During this time, the PHA headquarters was located then at the newly constructed Philippine Medical Association building. From there, and under the leadership of Dr. Carlos P. Crisostomo (1978-1979), the PHA temporarily moved its headquarters at the corner of Mayon Street in Quezon City.

With the continued growth in the membership, the association recognized the necessity of having a more stable site for its headquarters.

It was PHA president Dr. Jose G. Tamayo (1983-1984) who facilitated the acquisition of the 750-square meter lot that stands a two-storey bungalow along Kamias Road in Quezon City. This is where the present PHA Center now holds office.

For his part, Dr. Juan V. Komiya (1985-1987) championed the cause of the private sector as the PHA’s tenth president.
Dr. Thelma N. Clemente, MD, MHA, served as PHA’s president in 1986 and then 1988-1997.  It is during this time that Clemente initiated the computerization of PHA operations and saw to the Manual of Operations for the PHA Secretariat. It should be noted that the PHA had reached its zenith with the construction under her term of the PHA Secretariat Building at its present site.
From 1997-1999, Dr. Rico M. Medina, Sr. made history by being the first president of the PHA hailing from Mindanao. It is during his term that the PHA went online with the acquisition of Y2K-compliant computers at the Secretariat.

Dr. Avelino A. Obispo, president from 1999-2001, was dubbed the “New Millennium PHA President”. He forged a stronger partnership with United Laboratories Inc. to assure the regular printing and distribution of its publications. It is also with his leadership that the PHA Board increased the frequency of regional PHA seminars from eight to 10.

Dr. Tiburcio S. Macias, MHA (2002-2009) is the first PHA president to have come from a devolved government hospital. He is the association’s second president hailing from Mindanao. He championed the cause of primary hospitals in the rural areas and was a key player in the accreditation of PHA by the Philippine Council for the Accreditation of Non-government Corporations (PCNC) as a donee institution.

The 17th President of the PHA, Dr. Ruben C. Flores, MHA, served from 2008-2010 and is the association’s second president to come from the government sector. In addition to the PHA’s mission, which is to be Leading, Enabling, Assisting, and Protecting Hospitals Towards Quality Services (LEAP), Dr. Flores came out with a supplementary strategic guide to governance: “BE A HERO.”

Dr. /Atty. Bu C. Castro (2011-2012 and 2012-2013) was a staunch advocate of his formula for a successful health program. His “HEALTH + HEALED + HEALER” formula meant that "no government health program will ever succeed without the government giving equal attention to the health provider, an attention at least equal to that afforded to the patient”.

He was elected at an opportune time. It was the height of reforms and transformations in the healthcare sector with the changing landscape ushering in the institutionalization of Universal Healthcare.

Castro led the PHA in making a firm stand on contentious issues, such as the re-classification of Hospitals by the DOH, the Privatization or Corporatization of Government hospitals as mandated in Philhealth Circular 13, the Performance Commitment of Hospitals and the Philhealth’s introduction of the Case Rate System (and its expansion), as well as the No Balance Billing Scheme.

Under his leadership , ably assisted by his former Executive Officer Mac Caliwara,  PHA’s web site (www.pha.org.ph) and social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter were also created, making it easier for member-hospitals to obtain updated and important announcements and information. Remarkably, owing to improved communications,  the attendance in recent Regional Conferences and the Annual Convention improved.

Dr. Bu Castro will forever be remembered for his composition and arrangement of the music of the PHA Hymn while his then Executive Officer, Dr. Irineo C. Bernardo III, contributed the lyrics.

Dr. Ruben C. Flores (2014-2015) was reinstalled as the President of the Philippine Hospital Association in 2014 with his term ending in 2015. He also became AHF  President in 2014 with his term ending this 2015. As PHA President, he gave special emphasis to “building alliances and linkages” as well as providing PHA members the opportunities to update themselves in technological advances, the better to prepare them for the onset of the Asean Integration in 2015. He engaged PHA into partnership with several international events meant to fulfill his objective of having hospital members benefit from the knowledge to be derived from the programs offered.

Upon being elected as President of the PHA for 2014 -2015, he continued to pursue his goal of serving the general membership to the best of his ability being guided by the Vision and Mission of the PHA.  He adopted the “Be A Hero” slogan as the strategic thrust and focus of his leadership. his "BE A HERO" stands for:

B - Building Linkages and alliances. We will strengthen and expand collaborative efforts to more partner agencies to be able to achieve more positive results to our member hospitals. The partner agencies would include the DOH, PHIC, DILG, BFP, DENR, AHA, PHAPI, PCHA, HAC, AHF, IHF, and other ASEAN Countries, etc.

E - Empowerment of Councils and Chapters. We have to empower regional Councils and Chapters thru organization, dialogue, advocacy and technical assistance.

A - Active and Dynamic Strategic Planning Initiatives to respond to short, medium and long-term concerns of hospitals.

H - Human Resource Development Programs for officers, PHA staff and member hospitals (Management, Leadership, Clinical)

E - Establishment and Operation of Membership Service. Speedy and efficient membership services to be provided

R - Revision of By-Laws. There is a need to continuously review/revisit/revise our By-laws to make it more responsive to the current trends.

O - Organizational Development and Enhancement of Secretariat

This is geared towards organizational productivity and efficiency thru a system of good recruitment process, staff development, clarification of data and responsibilities and role delineation; appropriate system of performance evaluation and adoption of reward and Incentives.

Dr. Ruben Flores  retires from government service at the end of 2015. His term with PHA and AHF  as President also ends. He leaves a legacy of strengthening the recognition of PHA in the domestic and international arena and spearheading the favorable amendments and extension of the moratorium for full compliance of AO2012-0012 thru August 18, 2016.


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