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Healthcare Without Harm Organization



The Philippine Hospital Association took part last April 10 in the roundtable discussion attended by leaders from the climate, energy, and health sectors in the Philippines. This initiative by the Healthcare Without Harm Organization launched a national conversation for the development of a common agenda that links climate resilience, sustainable energy, and health equity. During this inaugural session, participants jointly identified research, policy, and implementation gaps, brainstormed on advocacy and networking strategies, and explored opportunities for building synergies across the three sectors.

PHA Executive Director Mac Caliwara remarked that hospitals, in their own way, can help mitigate harm in the environment through conscientious employment of best practices in waste disposal and use of alternative energy, among other things.  Individually, their contribution may seem comparatively small but taken in the aggregate with everyone doing their share, the impacts can be significant.

The photo shows some of the stakeholders present with Health Undersecretary Vicente Belisario, Jr shown  on the left (in white Barong) besides the replica of Mother Earth. PHA Executive Director Mac Caliwara,  is shown at the back (3rd from the right in blue shirt). USEC Belisario mentioned to Exec Director Caliwara that Sec Garin regards Climate Change as an important issue and calls for everyone to be proactive rather than just be reactive. USEC Belisario added that he feels the PHA , with its monthly dialogue with its regional membership , can be a good partner in pushing the joint agenda for the environment.