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El Niño Weather Outlook May-2015


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Disasters, El Niño and  rainy season are serious concerns by everyone. The Philippine Hospital Association represented by its Executive Director, attended on April 30, 2015 the meeting for "Disaster Preparedness" at the NDRRMC in Camp Aguinaldo. Discussed in the multi - agency meeting were concerns on the on-going El-Niño condition, preparation for the rainy season and other disaster preparedness concerns.

In the meeting, PHA Executive Director voiced out hospitals concerns that should be addressed by the Council:

  1. PHA as the lead organization for both government and private hospitals should be kept in the loop;
  2. That the Council should consider specific guidelines for everyone to follow as pertains to hospitals' role, be they private or government, in the event of a disaster;
  3. That when a disaster strikes , there is no time to determine whether to bring casualties to a government or private hospital and therefore both sectors' capacities can be overtaxed-what then? How will resources utilized by private hospitals during the emergency situation be replaced by the government?

The foregoing realities for hospital concerns were voiced out by PHA Executive Director since most discussions revolved around the role of government agencies during disasters.

The DOH representative present , Ms Barcelona, said that coordination that included government and select private hospitals in Metro Manila (the big ones) are already being made and that hospitals are already in the loop.

DILG USEC Panadero commented that the comments by the Philippine Hospital Association is well taken and added that all healthcare facilities with medical capabilities, for that matter, should be considered by the Council. NDRRMC Exec Director Alexander Pama also thanked PHA for the comment and said that mobilization of all hospital ambulances must be taken into consideration in the Council's planning.

PHA President Dr. Ruben Flores took note of the report and the active participation made by the PHA Exec Director Caliwara.  Dr. Flores said that among other issues and concerns, he will include the disaster preparedness issue and roles of hospitals nation-wide, government and private, in the courtesy call by the PHA Board with DOH Secretary Garin. The DOH is a member of the Council.

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